For Celebrities & High Profile Individuals

What We Do

We advise our V.I.P. clients on how to ringfence their personal information and minimise unwanted web presence. This includes protecting personal documents and photographs; voicemail and email and information relating to physical access to a person, such as their home details and diary. We work with our client’s physical security teams where relevant. We start by looking at a client’s current online presence and how they work. Often our clients have a trusted team of assistants with whom they share sensitive information. It is always important to protect and separate sensitive work related information from personal information.

You’re unique. We design a service that suits you.

Your personal information found on the internet

We’ll hack your voicemail & phone

We’ll security assess your advisors & those you do business with

We’ll hack your Cloud services such as Apple iCloud

We’ll train you & your staff on how to keep your information safe

Your Profile


Just because someone is in the public eye, it does not make them public property. Recent stories to hit the headlines include private photographs being accessed and shared, private voicemails listened to and other personal data revealed. Victims feel violated by these crimes, but often it is difficult to track down the perpetrator and unfortunately, data tends to be rapidly reproduced all over the internet and once information is out, the damage cannot be undone.

High Profile Individuals

People in high profile roles (including CEOs and board members) are targeted to gather intelligence about their company. Your competitors could be looking to steal your intellectual property or you could be targeted by counterfeiters attempting to duplicate your next product or service before you’ve officially launched it. Organised crime is on the rise and criminals will often target those in powerful positions to get what they want.

How It Works


Tell Us About You

We’ll work with you to establish what your concerns are. We’ll talk over any incidents and any near misses that you have had to deal with and based on what you’ve told us we’ll work out the most effective approach. We’ll explain the type of information that we typically find and how we find this. We would recommend that your trusted advisors are present or on hand throughout this information gathering exercise and for the investigation.


The Investigation

We’ll let you know what we find along every step of the way. We’ll feedback as much information as you like to you. There may be a number of findings that may cause us to choose various paths of investigation depending on what we discover and we’ll make sure that you are included on all decisions that need to be made. We realise that sensitive information may be discovered and this information will be kept private – your trust in us is very important.


The Results

Due to the sensitivity of the results, we typically present the results in a face to face meeting. As the investigation took place, we would have been in contact with you, so there wouldn’t be any surprises. We would explain the results and you may need us to help work with the sources to try to remove information that you wouldn’t like to see in the public domain. Typically, this is not straightforward and would require some perseverance, which could take some time.