Security Consulting

Refresh your security
policies to take into
account the latest threats


Create new policies to
cover the ways you handle
your information


Provide a CISO that will
be effective immediately

The Security Bureau’s information and cyber security consulting service helps organisations that find it difficult to establish a solid security foundation. Organisations have different security drivers but the end goal is always the same – to operate more securely.

Whatever stage and whatever reason that you need to seek some information security guidance, The Security Bureau can help you. We cover a range of consultancy; from risk and compliance advice through to establishing a full security management system.

Compliance Advice & Consulting

The Security Bureau helps organisations meet their compliance requirements, commonly with PCI DSS and ISO27001 security standards, which provide a baseline for good security practise. These standards require a mix of technical security and security management and our highly skilled consultants provide the expertise for these standards to be met. The Security Bureau also provides the services to meet the standards, such as penetration testing and writing and reviewing security policies.

CISO As A Service

You may not have the requirement for a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or you may be looking for a full time CISO to join your organisation and need to quickly fill the vacancy with a temporary professional. The Security Bureau can provide a CISO that will be effective immediately. We have a number of CISOs that have worked across all industry sectors and operate around the UK. We can also help your organisation to find the CISO that is the right fit for your organisation. A typical CISO engagement would last approximately six months; however, we can provide a CISO for as long as you need them for.

Security Policy Review & Authoring

The Security Bureau can review or write your security policies. We also help you to implement them and train your employees. We cover a wide range of security policies; from acceptable use policies to technical policies for your IT department. The Security Bureau can regularly review your policies taking into account the latest threats and your information handling techniques.