Security Checkup


Provides a security roadmap
for short to long term


Technical security covered
from internet to desktops


Your security concerns
are addressed


Provides a good overview
of your security posture
in a short space of time

What We Do

The Security Checkup service is designed for medium sized organisations that feel that they don’t know where to start with security and need some guidance on how to improve their security posture.

How We Do It

We provide a rapid checkup service that assesses your security from your internet presence to the security of your desktops. You can use the results of this checkup to establish a good security baseline and build on this. The Checkup service reviews the following aspects of your security:

– Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
– Secure configuration
– Access control
– Malware protection
– Patch management

The Security Bureau uses a mixture of technical and non-technical assessments to gauge the state of your security. Your internet facing infrastructure will be scanned to find any security issues that could be used by internet facing attackers. We will also provide you with a technical security assessment of your desktops to see what measures are in place to withstand an attack such as attackers sending viruses.

What You Get

You will receive a report detailing the findings and how you can implement quick security fixes to instantly improve your security and we’ll suggest quick wins and medium to long term strategies (see Roadmap below).


In addition to the Checkup service, The Security Bureau can also provide a security roadmap that will contain a set of security milestones that you can meet so that you can follow this to improve your security over the course of around 6 months. We will provide all the support that you need to meet these milestones.


The Snapshot service is a workshop based engagement that is used for The Security Bureau to get to know your organisation and your current approach to security. We’ll ask you a series of questions and the answers to these will provide an idea of your security at that moment in time. You will be presented with a priority list on the steps required to improve your security. The workshop is free of charge and will take around two hours.